Welcome to Disaster Master, a compilation of information to inform and prepare you for all sorts of natural disasters.  The key is to develop a disaster preparedness plan, now, before you need it.  We have helped you get started with checklists of what to include in your disaster kit, a hurricane checklist, earthquake survival kit or other natural disaster and hazard.

Beyond the basic emergency survival needs, your disaster response plan should include such issues as communications and finances.  For example, imagine if you were a Katrina hurricane victim, would you have cash if the ATM's were out of power?  How would you pay your home mortgage if you were uprooted, perhaps without a job?  How would you pay debt when your whole life was upside down from a catastrophic event?  Home loan payments donít stop while you are waiting to rebuild.  Would your home equity line of credit (HELOC) carry you over until you could get back on your feet?  Would a natural disaster cause you to seek debt relief or some form of debt consolidation or worse bankruptcy?  Would a reserve mortgage help?  Why not take a few minutes to prepare instead of lamenting later.